You may have already heard about a BC couple that has been fighting with Apple to pay to rebuild their home after it was burnt down. Here is the latest news on the couple and Apple's response. 

Back in 2016, Cathy and Ian Finley lost their house after a fire sparked by their iPhone and burnt down their home. Finley explains that they received $600,000 from their insurance company but it didn't cover the full cost of rebuilding their home nor does it cover the lost income from their farm that they had to shut down.

Via YouTube / CBC News

Finley told CTV that in initial emails with Apple, they were hopeful that it would be resolved. A caseworker promised Cathy Finley that Apple would
"make things right". She says after this, she was endlessly redirected, hung up on and nothing came from their responses. When she was finally able to give Apple the amount that they were seeking and a list of costs, they reportedly lawyered up and shut down communication with them. 

Finley says that they are afraid that Apple will drag the case out in court and by that time, they will be in complete financial distress. They've already had to shut down their farm which was their business. According to CTV, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company is looking into Finley's claim, but they haven't been able to analyze the device yet. The Finley's insurance representatives that have possession of the phone have made it clear that they will allow an inspection of the phone.

Via YouTube / CBC News

The fire began after Cathy plugged in her three-month-old iPhone 6 to charge it on October 13th and then headed outside to feed her goats. She claims that 20 minutes later, she saw smoke coming from her house and they ultimately lost everything.

The Langley Assistant Fire Chief says that the iPhone and the charger were found in the area of the fire's origin close to a leather chair. He also said that "it would appear that the phone or charger generated enough heat to ignite the leather chair and notebook and start the fire".

Via YouTube / CBC News

The iPhone was sent to a lab where they were set to assess the device, but they haven't heard back from the iPhone in this case yet. The Langley Fire Chief also said that fires in cell phones are relatively rare. Ultimately, the Finley's hope that Apple will make things right and help them before they lose everything.

Source: CTV News

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