On September 20, British Columbia resident Cari McGillivray posted a video on her Facebook page of two grizzly bears fighting each other in the middle of the road. The video of the bears fighting in northern B.C. has been circulating across the internet, and many viewers are astounded at how close McGillivray managed to get to them. The grizzlies are literally in a stand-off in the video, where the bears are up on their hind legs, roaring at each other. 

There is a lone wolf in the distance that can also be seen on the road, observing the encounter. Even the wolf did not dare come forward, as the fight escalated pretty intensely. The two bears sort of looked like they were in a boxing match. They faced each other and were in a fighting stance, never turning their backs on one another. They also seemed to hop around in circles, still facing one another, as boxers do in the ring. 

The two bears can be heard audibly roaring and getting in each others' faces before hopping up on their hind legs, getting closer and closer. They also used their arms to push each other around. Things got pretty aggressive fast. One can be seen tackling the other to the ground, and eventually, they both start punching furiously and trying to get at one another's necks.


The proximity of the footage is simply incredible. People in the comments couldn't believe their eyes. McGillivray, who posted the video, says it was one of her favourite wildlife encounters to date. So far, the video has garnered 22,000 shares and over 700,000 views on Facebook. 

Bear watching can be a miraculous experience, but it is important to be safe when appreciating these wild animals. Getting too close can land you in various kinds of trouble. It is best to keep your distance if you see these magnificent animals in the wild. They may be beautiful, but as you can see in this video, they have a vicious side. 

This rare experience is an incredible one to watch, and we are so glad that McGillivray came out unscathed. You can see her shutting the video off as the bears charged at her general direction. Scary stuff!

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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