A 20-year-old man from Brampton, Ontario has been charged with reckless driving after getting into an explosive crash in Toronto. In Bramton reports that the collision happened at around 2:30 AM on Sunday, August 5th.

The video was posted on the Instagram account called "CarsWithoutLimits" over the weekend, and has nearly 42,000 likes. According to City News, the crash was reported to police as a "personal injury collision." The crash took place at Barton and Clayson Rds., near Sheppard Avenue West and Highway 400.

Via CarsWithoutLimits

The driver was transported to hospital with injuries, after his BMW 335i spun out of control while he gunned it down the street at top speed. The car smashed into a hydro pole, which literally split in half from the impact.

The dramatic video shows the car barrelling into the sidewalk. Sparks flew everywhere and smoke billowed from the hood of the car. The BMW narrowly missed a silver taxicab that was driving the opposite direction on Barton Road.

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According to the video's description, if the driver had a passenger "they would be dead" from the crash. It appears that the driver of the BMW was having a street race with another car. The driver of the second car can be seen speeding away, and has yet to be identified.

Police are still searching for witnesses, including the driver of the cab and the person who took the video. City News reports that the video was submitted to "CarsWithoutLimits" by an unknown source. 

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Toronto Police are asking the witnesses to reach out by phone at 416-808-1900. 

Source: In Bramton, City News


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