The Toronto born ice cream chain that is Sweet Jesus has definitely earned a name for itself in the city- even other provinces are aware of the insane creations the multiple locations whip up in the downtown core as well as up north at their Summer location in Muskoka. 

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Though the chain is now getting international attention from our neighbours over in the States- but not in a good way. It seems that some extreme Christian groups stumbled upon the chain and their advertising campaigns and are not remotely impressed. They're even calling for the brand to change their name or get shut down! 

The news comes just after Sweet Jesus' recent expansion where they have set up shop at a Baltimore location in the Mall of America. Around January petitions began to appear in protest of the brand's "blasphemous" use of religious symbols on their logo. That petition also calls the company "offensive and revolting," as well as demanding a public apology for "openly attacking the Christian community." As of right now, it has over 8,000 signatures. 

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It wasn't just a petition that popped up though,  tons of people on Twitter began to rip the brand to shreds claiming their marketing was "satanic" and "promotes child cannibalism(?????????)" 

The backlash as a result of apparently "mocking the saving work of our Lord Jesus Christ" according to some has sparked a change in Sweet Jesus' website. They've now included a disclaimer message that reads "our name was created from the popular phrase that people use as an expression of enjoyment, surprise or disbelief. Our aim is not to offer commentary on anyone's religion or belief systems, our own organization is made up of amazing people that represent a wide range of cultural and religious beliefs." 

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So it seems Sweet Jesus is going nowhere and Toronto is making a name for itself in other ways than just the rap industry- now we Canadians are taking over the soft serve industry too! What do you think though, were the devout Christians overreacting or is Sweet Jesus offensive? 

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