Early this morning, a small plane carrying six people was on its way to Calgary International Airport when it had to make an emergency landing on a public road. The road is near downtown Calgary and gets pretty busy during the day. Amazingly, the plane landed safely and nobody was hurt. 

Only 5 kilometres from the airport, the pilot radioed in saying that the plane was low on fuel and had to land immediately. The pilot used 36th Street as a tarmac shortly after 6 am. No cars were around, and thankfully nobody had to swerve out of the way to avoid the landing plane. 

"I heard this loud noise and looked up, and it come right over my head," said one witness, "It was coming in at kind of an angle and clipped that light post, then landed. The pilot did a heck of a job to get it down like that."

The plane was transported to the airport in a truck, and had to be lifted onto the flatbed by a crane. The pilot is said to have over twenty years of experience, so it's no wonder that they landed that thing like a pro. 

The incident is being examined by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. 

Source: The Globe And Mail, CBC

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