Two alleged Russian spies are being investigated for poisoning people in England. This news comes after a former Russian intelligence agent living in the UK and his daughter, and two other British citizens were confirmed to be the victims of poisonings earlier this summer. Now another victim has been hospitalized from another suspected poisoning, but this time he's Canadian. 

Pyotr Verzilov is a dual citizen of both Russia and Canada and is also a part of the popular protest band, Pussy Riot. They recently shared the news of his alleged poisoning on Twitter. 

According to the band's tweet, Verzilov is fighting for his life, in critical condition at the hospital. Based on the other recent poisonings, they believe that his illness is the result of a poisoning because of the group's work and Verzilov's personal beliefs against Russia. 

Despite being a Russia citizen, Verzilov is against the Government of Russia and has made his views very clear on multiple occasions. He even gained notoriety when he ran onto the field at a FIFA World Cup game in Moscow earlier this year as a sign of protest. 

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The Canadian government has already responded to the incident and poisoning allegations saying that it is concerning given the Russian situation in the UK. The government also went on to say they have reached out to the hospital where Verzilov is.

No one has confirmed his condition or whether this was actually the result of a poisoning. 

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Pussy Riot is a band from Moscow, Russia. The group uses their music and rising fame to speak out against the Russian government. 

Source: CBC

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