We’ve all seen the movie Footloose right? If you haven’t, the basic plot is that a town literally bans dancing. 

And now it would seem that a Canadian city is in the process of copying the movie, literally. 

A report was recently released in the city of Edmonton recommending that the city place a temporary ban on raves being held in the city.  

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Why, you ask? 

Because Edmonton Police are having to respond to a lot of calls at these kinds of events because of “widespread consumption of drugs” and “drug-facilitated sexual assaults.” 

A civic working group is currently meeting to help address the concerns of people for police are asking that a temporary ban on these events be put in place.  

Which of course has led to many people on Twitter calling the potential ban a real life version of the movie Footloose. 

City Coun. Scott McKeen says that while he understands the comparisons between the two that public safety is what this is really about. 

Some worry though that instead of registered events the ban would cause a lot of underground raves to happen, which they say would not be as safe.  

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“By driving them underground, you’re just going to be driving people into their homes, maybe into locations that are not nearly as secure or safe,” said Andrew Williams, a director and co-founder of the Alberta Electronic Music Conference. 

“Prohibition does not stop any type of illicit action,” he said. 

Whatever you think this is certainly one wild story.

Source: Global News

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