Grocery shopping sucks. It takes forever to do, no one likes lifting heavy bags of food and most importantly it’s super expensive, even if you buy everything on sale. 

According to one grocery store worker who posted on Reddit recently these sales items are actually cover for making things more expensive later. And this apparently happens all the time. 

The worker doesn’t say what store they work for exactly, only that it’s a “large Canadian grocery chain,” but according to them this is how the store makes things more expensive using the ‘sale’ sticker.  

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Staff will put the sale sticker on an item, say a can of beans which cost $1.05 usually and mark them down to $0.88. 

When the sale time for that item ends they then go back remove both the sale sticker and the original price sticker, putting one of a higher price in its place. 

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The post says that they raise the original price by 20 cents typically. 

So that can of beans that was originally $1.05 would now cost $1.25. 

Which is why if you’re thinking that everything at the grocery store is now costing you a lot more than it did a year or two ago then you’re probably right. 

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So while you’re saving money while an item is on sale you may want to make sure that you check the original sale price as a way of finding out if the price as gone up after the sale ends.

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