Regardless of Canada's efforts to make citizens aware of the country's cannabis laws, it hasn't taken long for people to break them. It only took a single day after legalization for someone to get fined for driving while high. But, in this case, it took two weeks before someone was caught giving cannabis to a minor.

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It all went down over in Manitoba where a local who was of legal age to buy and consume cannabis in the province was charged with a whopping $2,542 fine after an attempt to help a 13 year old get some legal weed. This, of course, couldn't happen in Ontario... because nobody has even gotten their order from the provincial cannabis store yet

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The plan of a standard exchange unravelled when the student arrived to school high after lunch break on Friday. Once teachers caught on to what had happened, the police were called and the student was spooked enough to not only admit that he had smoked weed, but also reveal the person who had given it to him in the first place. 

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The official charge laid on the Manitoba local was "supplying cannabis to a young person." Considering the fine is nearly $3,000, it's probably safe to say all of us are going to think twice before doing our younger siblings a solid. Beyond that, two Canadians got charged on October 17th for having cannabis "readily availible" in their cars while driving. So, you may just want to exercise extreme caution in general when it comes to cannabis right now.  

Source: Vice Canada 

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