Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for a man who is accused of stealing money from over a dozen different banks in BC. The kicker? It took months before anyone caught onto his scheme.

According to the RCMP, 43-year-old Terrelle Robert Talbot went into 17 banks in the Vancouver Lower Mainland between March and May of this year. He straight up stole tens of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting employees. How did he do it? Two words - Toonie Fraud.


Talbot is accused of passing off metal washers - small disk-shaped plates used on nuts and bolts - as toonies. He'd exchanged several rolls of the two dollar coins for bills at each of the banks.

The sneaky thief put real toonies on each end of the rolls to make them look authentic. However, the rest of the rolls were filled with the washers, which bank tellers later discovered.


Each 25-coin roll was exchanged for a $50 bill. Talbot's grand total after hitting up all the banks was $30,000, say the RCMP.

He is now wanted Canada-wide on 17 counts of criminal fraud over $5,000. He's also got another outstanding warrant for a similar offence. He is being described as six feet tall, 201 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone who has information is asked to call North Vancouver RCMP at 604-985-1311.

Disclaimer: The cover photo in this article was used for illustrative purposes only.

Source: RCMP

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