This story was originally published in January 2019.

After a mother in British Columbia was found guilty of sending lewd photos of her nine-year-old daughter to a pedophile in Australia, The Crown requested that she serve a jail sentence of at least six to nine months. But, a judge decided that the mother will no longer have to serve the time.

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The situation began back in August of 2016 when the woman in question began speaking with a man based in Australia who has been identified as G.H throughout the case. The mother began an online relationship with G.H where they both interacted through Facebook messenger. From there, the relationship evolved and turned sexual. Please note that the details of this case are disturbing and may be difficult to read.

G.H frequently attempted to get the woman, whose name is protected by a publication ban, to involve her daughter in their conversations as their chats escalated. These requests also involved G.H wanting to see her daughter's genitalia and having the daughter see his own. 

The woman ended up sending G.H two selfies where both herself and her daughter were in the photo on her bed. One picture involved the daughter "sucking her mother's nipple and looking in the direction of the camera" according to The Province. The court believed that while the photos were intended to just "excite" G.H, they also were a part of the mother's attempt to appease him. 

Due to that, and what the judge believes was skillful manipulation on G.H's part, where the woman admits she was "addicted" to G.H, the mother will not be serving jail time. It's also believed that the woman's struggle with mental health, specifically bipolar disorder played a role in her actions. 

Now, the judge claims she "returns to feelings of regret and recognition saying, ‘I fell in love with you wrongfully, you no longer have me under your spell. This evil ends today,’”

After initially being charged with five offences that have since been reduced to one, she received a 12-month conditional sentence that is expected to be served in the community.

The verdict was reached after the judge decided it would not be in the best interests of the young daughter for her mother to be in prison. G.H, on the other hand, was arrested and is apparently a known online predator. His sentencing as of now is still unknown. 

Source: The Province 

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