Maxime Bernier, who just months ago ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party and recently got in trouble over tweets many saw as anti-immigration, has quit the party and announced he is founding his own.

Bernier made the announcement at a news conference today, and also took aim at current Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer.

Here’s everything we learned from his press conference. 

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Bernier dramatically announced that he is quitting the conservative party in the hopes of starting his own before the next federal election.

He accused Scheer of simply following policies put forward by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. He claims that the party has become too focused on the polls, and is no longer interested in doing what’s best for Canadians.

In particular, Bernier took issue with Scheer’s position with respect to the ongoing trade dispute with the United States, saying it was a bad idea for Canada to fight with a country whose economy is “10 times as big as ours.” 

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It was then that Bernier announced that he would be quitting and starting work on his own yet to be named party in the coming weeks.

“The plan is to be able in the future to have a new party that will promote conservative values,” Bernier said.

The goal of the new party will be to run candidates across the country and win the election, according to Bernier.  

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Bernier says he will be meeting with people across the country in the next couple of weeks to set up his new party. 

Who says Canadian politics is boring?  

Source: CBC

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