A recent report says that there are some panhandlers in Canada who are making a lot of money while living on the street in one city.

According to an investigation done by the CBC, there are some people living in Calgary who are raking in hundreds of dollars an hour.

This isn’t the experience for all of them, of course. But some neighbourhoods are coming to be known as great money making destinations for Canadian panhandlers.

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One panhandler says that the key to being able to make such surprisingly large amounts of cash is by moving to the suburbs and away from downtown, according to the report.

Asking for people in the suburbs for money instead of downtown, he’s been able to rake in astounding amounts of cash.

"On a good day, I can make $400 doing this in three hours," he said. 

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People in the suburbs are more giving and nicer than those downtown he claims, which leads to him being able to make lots more money each day. 

Another factor that could be at play is that there aren’t usually any kind of enforcement officers trying to push panhandlers off the streets in the suburbs.

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There’s also less competition from other people asking strangers for money as well.

It all adds up to an amazing amount of money for some panhandlers to take in each day. 

Source: CBC

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