Living in the age of social media, it has become more and more common in recent years for food and drinks to be served in a way that makes them as ‘Instagrammable’ as possible. While the social media app is inundated with perfectly-positioned photos of people’s meals, drinks and desserts every day, some restaurants really take their presentation to the next level, in order to make their venue as memorable as possible and Smitty's Oyster House has found the perfect way to do this. 

For one customer of a B.C. restaurant however, the presentation of their dessert was just a bit too wacky, as the guest felt compelled to share a picture of the presentation with the internet. Writing on Twitter, the tourist said, “In a restaurant in Canada last night I was served pudding on, and I wish I was joking, an ancient VHS copy of The Bodyguard.”

The tweet ended up going viral pretty quickly, and at the time of writing had more than 45.4 thousand likes. In the comments, which seemed to be mostly from non-Canadians, Twitter users were super confused about the VHS-plate. One person responded to say, “What fresh hell is this?”

While another added, “I have so many questions, and some of them are even about the VHS case.”

Witty Twitter users were quick to pick up on the particular VHS tape given to the customer, making some hilarious ‘Bodyguard’ related puns. One user wrote, “I want to make a witty remark but I Have Nothing.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “They were looking for serving dishes and they were literally like, "I have nothing. Nothing! NOTHIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG...."

While another person added, “Review on Tripadvisor: I will not always love this.”

The tweet was quickly picked up by popular Twitter account, “We Want Plates,” which advocates for ‘normal’ plates in restaurants, rather than “bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs and jam-jar drinks.”

In response, another pro-plater wrote, “Surely these can't pass health and safety regulations.”

While several of the people who responded to the tweet were concerned about the VHS-plate for hygiene reasons, the original poster did confirm that the tape did have cling film wrapped around it. Meaning that these dishes were sanitary, and a super cool way to actually serve your food. 

According to CBC News, the location of the retro VHS-plates is Smitty's Oyster House in Gibsons, B.C. The head chef at the restaurant, Conor Lowe, told reporters that VHS’s are given to particular people on purpose, for example, kids who are acting "squirrely" get a copy of Parenthood, a 1989 comedy with Steve Martin about the ups and downs of raising children.

Lowe added that tables who are given Top Gun, a 1986 film starring Tom Cruise, are usually pretty pleased.

Whether you think the quirky VHS plate is a cool and unique retro throwback, or think it is a serious violation of every known health and safety regulation - it is certainly different! 

Next time the dishes need doing and there isn't a spare plate in the cupboard, digging out your old VHS collection might be the answer!

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