Put your hands up if you want to win some money in the lottery. All of you? Yeah, us too.

Now keep your hands up if you won a significant amount of money the first time you ever played the lottery. We mean at least a thousand dollars. Basically no one, right?

After playing the lottery for the first time ever, this Canadian teenager actually won - and he won big

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Joshua Allison, an 18-year-old from Trenton Ontario, bought a ticket as part of his birthday this month celebrating that he had just legally become an adult.

It was his first ever lottery ticket purchase and the ticket he bought won thousands for him.

How much money is he now rolling around in you ask? 

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His purchase of a 6/49 ticket has now earned him a grand total of $68, 203.10.

More money than many of us have seen in our lives so far.

Allison is currently studying at Loyalist College in Belleville, so clearly, all his student debts are now taken care of. 


He’s also decided to take his family on a cruise instead of just keeping the money to himself.

Its similar to another story this year of a Quebec teen who also won big on her first lottery play

Now why can’t this happen to the rest of us at some point? 

Source: Global

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