Most of us can't say we've been sent prison in our lives and certainly hope to stay out of it for the remainder of our time on Earth.

There are people in society, as we all know, who do end up committing crimes serious enough to get them sent to jail for long periods of time.

In Canada, there’s a site actually set up to help these people find love or friendship, despite many of them being convicted for murder.

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The website is called Canadian Inmates Connect. Its goal is to connect people who are doing time in jail with people on the outside in the hopes that correspondence will make them better people, according to Melissa Fazzina who runs the site.

On the site, a photo of the inmate is provided, along with a short paragraph on how long their sentence is and why they’re in prison.

Then there's a portion that's actually written by the inmate, explaining a little bit about themselves, their personality and their interests, as a way of enticing individuals -  a.k.a. women - to talk to them. An actual example from the site can be seen below. 

Via Canadian Inmates Connect

While the site may be based on the Internet, inmates do not have access to computers so you actually have to send letters by snail mail.

The site gives you the address and name of the prison where each inmate is being held, so you can get in touch with them easily.

Inmates have to pay $35 a year to be displayed on the site. 

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So if you’ve ever wanted a super unique pen pal to correspond with, this could be an opportunity for you to get one.  You can view every inmate's profile on the site here

Source: Huffington Post

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