Everyone loves dogs right? They aren’t called man (or woman’s) best friend for nothing after all.

But a gang in Colombia really hate one dog so much so that they’re offering $91,000 to anyone who can kill her.

What could possibly be cause them to go to such extremes over a cute dog?! 

Meet “Sombra” (Shadow), she’s a German Sheppard and she works for the Colombian National Police.

Over the course of her service with the police, she has discovered upwards of 10 tonnes of cocaine that was being smuggled by the Urabeños gang.

Her work has also led to the capture of at least 245 people connected to organized crime in the country.  

Via keegan_hamilton

The Urabeños gang is seen as the most dangerous and largest gang in Colombia right now.

The gang is so sick of her literally sticking her nose in their business that they’ve put a $91k offer on her head.

For her own safety now Sombra has been moved out of the area the gang operates for the most part, to the airport in Bogota Colombia.

Sombra is also being protected by additional security while in the airport. 

“The fact they want to hurt Sombra and offer such a high reward for her capture or death shows the impact she’s had on their profits,” a police spokesperson said. 

This writer would like to volunteer to take Sombra out of Colombia and give her a home in Canada to ensure no harm comes to her.

Source: Global

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