One of the most fun Christmas traditions is building a great gingerbread house. It's something that the entire family can do together, plus you get to eat it afterward! One group of coworkers took the tradition in a way more Canadian direction and actually built a gingerbread Tim Hortons.

Winnipeg photographer April Carandang and her coworkers Svitlana Levchuk and Nirali Patel decided to enter a gingerbread house competition at their workplace. Initially, the idea was not even to build a Tim Hortons, it just came from the team name Carandang came up with.

"I was initially thinking of team names with word play, like Team Tation or Team Buktu, then got the idea for Team Hortons," Carandang told Narcity in an email, " I told my colleagues, why not be Team Hortons and then make a cute Tim Hortons inspired "gingerbread" house, and they both agreed."

The team was given a starter kit, which didn't actually have any gingerbread or candy. Instead, using cardboard, paper, and a few decorations to start, the teams could add anything else they wanted to their project.

“Svitlana got started on the "foundation" while Nirali and I shopped at Dollarama for decorations and candies we can use,” Carandang said, “Once we had all the materials, we started to build the "gingerbread" house to what it is now."

The team added a number of small details to really sell their gingerbread Tim Hortons, including adding photos of the coffee shop’s interior to the windows. They also used part of a discarded Timbits box to make the sign on the outside of the building.

Being a photographer, Carandang was tasked with taking photos of the gingerbread house to share on their workplace’s website (for employee voting). They didn’t take the top prize, but their gingerbread Tim Hortons ended up in the top three.

“You know, we really weren't expecting to win. There were lots of amazing gingerbread houses from other teams,” Carandang said, “But we did. We were so happy.”

Even Tim Hortons was impressed by the team's work, writing, "Now accepting résumés at our North Pole location. Experience at Santa’s workshop an asset but not required 😉" on Twitter.

Carandang already has her sights set on future gingerbread house competitions.

“I don't know, maybe next time we'll work on a Starbucks themed one.”

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