There are plenty of ways for people to promote their bands. It can even be as easy as handing out flyers on the street corner. Of course, for some people, that's not enough. They have to go big or go home. One Windsor man climbed the Ambassador Bridge to promote his band. While there's no telling whether it will bring attention to the band or not, it is possibly one of the most metal things ever.

Luke Heney, a 31-year-old Windsor resident, wanted nothing more than for people to hear about his band, 1988. Going the traditional route wasn't going to cut it, though. Heney made the decision to climb the tower of the Ambassador Bridge and hang a banner weeks before actually following through. 

Heney made the climb up one of the bridge's suspension cables before reaching a platform right under the famous Ambassador Bridge sign, about 118 metres above the ground. Heney stayed on the platform for almost three hours without anyone noticing before beginning his treacherous descent.

The musician posted photos of himself on the bridge on his band's Instagram account, @1988music

Heney told AM800 that he thought he would get away with his stunt. "I was about 100 feet from the bottom and there were actually no police on site yet," he said. "It was actually a construction worker that saw me and then called in." Police were then waiting for Heney once he made it back to solid ground.

Heney said that he was more surprised by how easy it was to climb the bridge without being noticed by anyone. "I was also expecting, to be honest, the security of the bridge to be way more ramped up than that," he told AM800. "For someone to get up the bridge and be there for over three hours in a very prominent spot, that's pretty crazy considering it's an international crossing."

Heney has been charged with public mischief. He has also been ordered to stay 500 metres away from the bridge. Although the experience was a singular one, Heney said he would not recommend it. "It's something that I would absolutely not recommend to anyone," he said to AM800. "You have to understand the risk and I was prepared to face those risks."

While Heney's band might not get recognition for the stunt, Heney certainly made an impression on law enforcement officials. He told AM800 that police informed him he was the first person to ever climb the bridge without a tether ... and live. 

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