If you haven't heard by now, a very lucky man says he found a shocking amount of money after purchasing a storage unit from Dan Dotson, the star of "Storage Wars".

If you're unfamiliar with the show, Storage Wars is an American reality TV series that focuses on the sale of abandoned storage units. After three months, if the unit is not claimed, it can go up for auction. Many find treasures and even cash in these unclaimed units and sometimes you get lucky and find $7.5 million dollars. 

Dan Dotson, one of the hosts of the show on A&E, posted on Twitter a few weeks ago announcing that someone on the show bought a unit that contained a ton of cash - 7.5 million dollars in hard cash.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Dotson actually provided photos to prove it! 

In the Twitter post, you can actually see stacks of wrapped cash and even a duffel bag full of money. Talk about hitting the jackpot!

Unfortunately, the buyer didn't end up keeping all the cash. After an attorney reached out to the buyer on behalf of the previous owners of the unit, the buyer decided to take a different offer.

It looks like he was offered $1.2 million dollars as a reward for returning the cash. Even though he decided not to keep $7 million dollars, at least he walked away a millionaire! Not to mention, he only paid $500 for the storage unit.

Here's a video of Dotson and his wife talking about the surprising find on Storage Wars.

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