Approximately two million Ford F-150 pickup models from years 2015-2018 are being recalled - of those two million, 340,000 are in Canada. The recall comes one month after an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after five reports of fires in the vehicles. Ford has responded with an explanation.

According to the automaker, they have had 23 reports in Canada and the U.S. of smoke or fires in their F-150s. They explained that this is due to seat belt pretensioners which tighten up belt slack in the event of a collision.

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They say pretensioners have the ability to generate excessive sparks when they tighten. This can ignite gas potentially causing insulation and carpet to catch fire. One complaint filed in the U.S. was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to the vehicle owner, a deer had run into the passenger side of their vehicle, causing minor damage. Within 10 minutes of the collision, a passenger began seeing flames located between the front and rear doors where the seatbelts are located.

The truck went up in complete flames in a matter of minutes and is a complete loss,” the owner wrote in the complaint.

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The Ford pretensioners were made by auto parts suppliers ZF-TRW as well as Takata - who is well known for their airbag recall which affected 161,000 Canadian cars earlier this year.

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Applicable F-150 owners will be notified about their vehicle’s recall starting this month, on September 24th. Ford dealers will then be removing insulation and installing heat-resistant tape to fix the issue.

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According to Ford, the recall will cost the company about $140 million USD.

Source: Global News

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