Most people are nervous about beginning a long distance relationship but one Montreal woman took extreme measures to try to make her boyfriend stay. 

Jennifer Jooyeon Lee and Eric Abramovitz were music students at McGill University. They started dating in September 2013 and were living together by October. So already things were moving very quickly. 

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Abramovitz was apparently very trusting and gave Lee full access to his laptop and told her all his passwords, which would be his major downfall.

When he applied and was accepted to a music program with an accomplished and well-known teacher in California, Lee used the laptop to intercept the acceptance email. 

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Lee responded to the email from the school using Abramovitz's account, declining the offer and deleting the email. She then made a fake account using the name of the teacher to send her boyfriend an email saying he didn't get in. 

All this was done in a super-obsessive move to ensure Abramovitz wouldn't leave Montreal and could keep living with her. And it worked.

Having gotten the fake rejection email he didn't go to the school right away but eventually ended up at that same university for a different program years later. He didn't find out about the whole scheme until then when he had a chance to work with the professor who Lee had impersonated. 

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Abramovitz now has a successful career with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra but it's estimated that Lee's scheme held him back at least two years. A judge ordered that Lee pay $375,000 in damages for sabotaging Abramovitz's career. 

They broke up in September 2014 after only a year of dating for unrelated reasons. 


Source: National Post

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