One of the more recent trends that has come about in the political world seems to be the sex lives of politicians getting blasted into the headlines. Unfortunately while one would hope that kind of trend would stay in the United States, it seems it's just as prevalent in Canada following the resignation of a member of the Liberal party over a nude image. 

Yves St-Denis, a 54-year-old member of the Quebec Liberal Party resigned earlier this week after being forced out due to a ruling stating the "allegations of sexual misconduct" as reason. His defense in response to the allegations? That the photo wasn't of him. 

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It all started back in 2014 when St-Denis sent a photo from a pornographic film to a fellow employee that he meant as a joke. The employee in question filed a complaint that was eventually directed to the National Assembly's harassment policy that then lead to his forced resignation this past week. 

It was not just the photo that was behind his forced resignation though, rather allegations that St-Denis was also verbally abusive and used sexually charged comments frequently were also given as reasons for his requested departure. It's was also mentioned that St-Denis could be "so disruptive that the party had to move his seat in the National Assembly." 

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It didn't take long for others to sound off on their opinions about the matter, one member of the Coalition Avenir Québec MNA, Nathalie Roy, even saying "sending pornography to an employee? What a lack of judgment. What a pervert!" 

Though St-Denis isn't the only member of the party to leave in the midst of allegations related to sexual misconduct. In fact, he is the third member of the Liberal party since 2016 to depart along with fellow MNAs Gerry Sklavounos and Pierre Paradis. 

Source: Huff Post Canada 

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