Since Friday, September 18, RCMP has been searching for a missing Alberta couple. Apparently, the couple has been spending some time hiking within the province and now, their vehicle has been found. Even though officials have found a sign of where they’ve been, the young couple remains missing.

According to a police report, 32-year-old Matthew Kozak and 25-year-old Zabrina Paige Ferrier were last seen in different locations.

Kozak was last seen at work in Forestburg, Alberta whereas Ferrier was last seen in Galahad. No specific location was given for her.

While the search continues, RCMP has recently found the couple's Hyundai Kona in a parking lot at the Mount Edith Cavell Road. 

The police report claims that the couple has often gone to the trail in the past. 

The investigation is still ongoing and police have not specified if they suspect foul play or not. 

Kozak is described as being five foot eight, about 200 pounds with short red hair and blue eyes. 

Ferrier is about five foot seven and 140 pounds with blonde, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. 

It is believed that Kozak had hiking gear and a tent with him at the time he went missing.

On a public Facebook profile appearing to belong to Ferrier, she has been posting pictures of her and Kozak hiking. 

The last post of the two of them was on Monday, September 7, where the two are seen hiking at an undisclosed trail. 

On the same day, Ferrier posted a lengthy story about how she and Kozak were hiking but lost sight of their trail. 

They then made their own path which ultimately led them to the wrong summit. 

Ferrier wrote that they then climbed down and both parties experienced injuries including "rock rash" and a sprained ankle. 

Ferrier did note that they got to the bottom of that hike safely, calling it “gruelling” and “amazing" in the same post.

RCMP are asking anyone with information to contact the Killam RCMP at (780)385-8477. 

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