Many of us in Canada grew up reading "Green Eggs and Ham". So you'll be excited to hear that the children's book author is set to release a new book, "Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum" later this year. The new book comes 21 years after the author's death. 

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A newly found manuscript written by the late author, Dr. Seuss proves that stories really do transcend time. After the old manuscript was found, Random House Children's Books decided that it had to be published even though it was discovered 21 years after the author passed away. 

The new book titled, "Dr. Seuss's Horse Museum" will teach children about creating and experiencing art. According to Time, the manuscript was actually found unfinished but Random House publishers announced that Andrew Joyner, an established illustrator completed the text and it would be ready for sales in September 2019. 

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Random House announced in a press release that the unfinished manuscript was found at Seuss's home in La Jolla, California. La Jolla is a neighbourhood fairly close to San Diego. The text was found along with the manuscript for "What Pet Should I Get?" which was published back in 2015. 

The story will follow a horse as he "takes a group of students on a guided tour of an art museum." They also report that other famous characters from the Seuss books will be present in the new story. This includes the Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, the Grinch and possibly others.

The children's book is officially set to release on September 3, 2019, and is set to release 250,000 copies.

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Even though Dr. Seuss passed away back in 1991, his stories still remain a large part of our childhoods. Whether it was "Green Eggs and Ham", "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" or "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish," Dr. Seuss has definitely left an impression on the minds of many over the past century. 

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