There are some pretty funny petitions out there. The latest hilarious movement that is going viral is rallying to sell Montana to Canada, making it the 11th province. While this is hilarious in nature, people are actually signing the petition! So far, the petition to sell Montana to us has reached over half its goal in signatures. Who knows, maybe after it’s all said and done, we will get our 11th province! 

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The petition Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to eliminate the national debt was posted on two weeks ago. According to the petition, selling Montana stems from a large amount of debt that has accumulated within the state. 

According to CTV, the U.S. national debt soared to more than $22 trillion earlier this month! In an attempt to pay for only $1 trillion of the debt, Ian Hammond, founder of the petition, came up with the plan to sell Montana to Canada. 


In order to gain our support in this movement, the petition calls for telling us naive Canadians that the state has beavers! We don’t know if the jokes on us or on the U.S. because the petition is clearly gaining momentum.

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As of publication time, there are over 15,000 signatures. The goal is to reach 25,000 signatures, and with more and more people signing every minute, there is a strong possibility that it will reach its goal. 


It looks like the great people of Montana are all for this. Some people have signed because they have always wanted to move to Canada but didn’t want to worry about moving costs. 


Others are thinking more economically, stating that this would be a great move for Canadian tourism. Since Montana is home to places like Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, this could be a viable addition!


Canadians are down for this too! But of course we are, we are too nice to say no and even if we did, we would apologize for it. 

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Who knows, maybe we could be adding 1 million more people to Canada. Either way, it’s a good laugh. 

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