A Polish musician by the name of Bogumil (Boogie) Romanowski is all over the internet today. Not only because he was the winning contestant of a televised talent show, but also because he won by impersonating Drake using blackface.

The show is called Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo, and it invites local Polish celebrities to give musical performances while dressed up as other celebrities. Romanowski's chosen song was Drizzy's 2016 hit "Hotling Bling."

Featured in Anchorman Canada

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Only his "costume" quite obviously missed the mark and is being labelled as offensive. The cringe-worthy look has made headlines all over the world since the episode aired this past weekend.

Romanowski's rendition of Drake's song earned him 10,000 zloty, equivalent to about $3,500 Canadian dollars. The earnings will go to a charity of his choice. The show's official Instagram page has posted several photos and videos of Romanowski in blackface, applauding him for his winning performance.

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Neither Romanowski or the show has publicly addressed the offensive portrayal of Drake. But, that's not stopping people from inundating the show's Instagram page with angry comments. They're even using the posts as a platform to engage in strongly worded debates about racism with the show's Polish viewers.

"As a Polish American, I find this incredibly racist. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for condoning this. Disgusted!"  one user writes. Others leapt to the show's defence, saying that the whole purpose is to imitate the singer, appearance and all. However, that argument was quickly shut down.

You can imitate someone with out doing a blackface! It’s not the same as painting your face pink or blue! AND just because it’s part of the show it doesn’t mean that the show is not problematic or racist!"

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Here's what the Twitterverse has to say on the issue:

At this point, the issue has become unavoidable and an apology from Romanowski and the show itself is days overdue. We wonder if Drake will have anything to say about it, especially after he was racially profiled at a Vancouver casino over the weekend.

Source: Global News





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