A dark blanket of smoke has settled over Surrey, B.C. after a massive fire erupted on a barge in an industrial part of the city. The fire, which broke out this morning, was also accompanied by series of "small explosions," Global News reports.

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The barge is reportedly carrying a giant load of old cars,  which somehow sponteneously caught fire. Surrey residents are also claiming that a "chemical taste" has filled the air, and traffic near the burning barge reoprtedly is at a standstill.

Surrey Fire and Rescue are still battling the blaze, but say that it is contained to the industrial area and won't spread any further.  No road closures are in effect, and no injuries have been reported.  The cause of the fire remains unknown.

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On Twitter, Surrey residents claimed that the air smelled of burning rubber, possibly the fumes from car tires engulfed in flames. Other Twitter users claim that the exploding cars sounded like "fireworks" going off. 

Photos and videos from above show the menacing plume of smoke shooting high into the air, reportedly well above 1,500 feet.

Surrey authorities are expected to follow up with updates on the status and the cause of the fire in the coming hours.

Source: Vancouver Sun, Global


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