Another lunar phenomenon is taking place on Wednesday night as a rare 'black moon' will be taking over the skies of Canada. Only taking place in North America, this moon will appear over Canada for the first time in three years. This 'black moon' won't appear over the rest of the world until August 30, so Canadians will be able to get a sneak peek at this rare moon, however, there may not be much to look at. 

According to, a 'black moon' is an unusual event that occurs once every thirty-two months, but sometimes only appears in certain time zones. The 'black moon refers to the second new moon in a one month period and this will be the first time in three years that it has appeared in Canadian skies. 

However, due to the fact that the moon is only considered to be a 'black moon' during the second new moon of a month, that means there won't actually be much to look at. A new moon refers to the moment when the moon is fully in shadow, which means that the moon becomes invisible to the human eye. 

Hence the name 'black moon', meaning the entire sky in Canada will be black during this event. Prof. Delaney from York University told CTV News that this 'black moon' will be taking place at 11:12 PM tonight.  

While many refer to the 'black moon' as a time when there is no moon in the sky, there are some spooky beliefs surrounding the rare phenomenon.

According to Witchipedia, 'black moons' are often used by witches, and it is believed by some that the moon's energy is heightened at this time, making it a powerful time to work magic, such as banishing and binding spells. 

While others believe that no magic should ever be worked during this time. 

Amazingly, this isn't the only phenomenon that will be occurring to the moon on Wednesday night. According to CTV, there will also be a super moon occurring at the same time as the 'black moon'. 

This means that the new moon will also be the closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. 

The reason that a 'black moon' is so rare, is that the lunar calendar often lines up with the Earth's calendar year, which means that usually, only one full moon occurs each month. 

It is rare that two new moons, making a 'black moon', will occur in the same month. 

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