It's time to turn your eyes to the sky because a super snow moon will be visible from Canada next week. In the cycle of the moon, there is a full moon every single month, but February's full moon is going to be different than the others. When it comes on February 19, not only will it be a supermoon, but it will also be a snow moon. 

To break down what that means, a supermoon is when the moon appears bigger and brighter to us on earth. That's because the moon is at a time in its orbit when it's actually closest to the earth, which happens for a couple months every year, so it will look huge to us. In fact, the moon will look 7% bigger than normal and 15% brighter than it usually does. 

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We have already had a supermoon this year. In January we got to experience a super blood wolf moon. Now, though, the moon is even closer to the earth meaning this month's supermoon will be the biggest and brightest of the year. It will also be unique because it will be a snow moon, which happens only once a year, based on old traditions and folklore. 

In the times when people used to base the calendar year around the moon, snow moon was a name given to February's full moon based on the weather we get this month.

Because February is often the month with the highest snowfall, this name seems very accurate. This is especially true in Canada where we were just hit with a major snowstorm

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The snow moon doesn't just take its name from the weather though, it is believed by many that the full snow moon impacts the weather too. While it was originally folklore that the full moon brought rain with it, researchers have since proved that. 

Researchers in the US found that there was a higher stream runoff around a full moon, indicating more precipitation at that time. They confirmed this by looking at old weather records and found that there was more precipitation in the days around a full moon or new moon. 

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Given our colder temperatures in Canada, this precipitation that comes with a full moon will more likely than not be snow, which again explains why the term snow moon makes perfect sense. 

The super snow moon will be visible over all of Canada next week on February 19. 

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