A little over 130 days ago Hassan Al Kontar entered the arrivals area of Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. He hasn’t left it since.

He’s been caught in a legal limbo which makes him unable to leave the airport.

But he’s hoping that soon he’ll be able to find a new home, and he’s hoping it’s in Canada. 

Kontar is a Syrian citizen who left the country because of the civil war for the United Arab Emirates.

The Syrian government tried to make him come home to fight in the army but he said no so the government refused to renew his passport or work visa.

He managed to get to Malaysia but hasn’t got a permanent visa and when his temporary one expired he headed to the airport and hasn’t left since. 

People working at the airport and flight attendants bring him food each day to help him survive and he passes the time by updating his Twitter account.

It’s now been 133 days, and he’s been given two options: go back to Syria or find another country to take him in. 

He’s hoping that Canada may be the country to take him in.

He has relatives in Canada but the application process to get him here as a refugee takes 2 years.

There’s an online petition set up asking the Canadian government to speed up the process for Kontar which has received over 30,000 signatures

The petition has also been pinned to the top of Kontar's Twitter account. 

Canadians have already helped Kontar in other ways too, some supporters from this country bought him a mattress to sleep on in the airport.

Kontar says all he wants is to be “a normal guy like any other guy in the world.” 

Source: CTV

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