It turns out a job in statistics will probably make you a better Roll Up The Rim player! This year, one professor of statistics studied the new, online version of the contest, and he ended up cracking the game. In fact, his Roll Up The Rim hack actually helped him win 94 prizes out of just 96 attempts!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up The Rim (RUTR) contest was a little different this year, and was moved online for health and safety reasons.

Rather than physically unrolling the rim of your cup, customers were required to roll the rim virtually, via the company’s mobile app.

For Michael Wallace, who is an assistant professor of statistics at the University of Waterloo, this was the perfect opportunity to study the game, and try to understand the best way to win.

By the end of the contest, on April 21, Wallace had uncovered the secret to winning Roll Up The Rim. He ended up winning 94 prizes in total — 67 free coffees and 27 free donuts!

The trick, according to the professor, is to unroll your virtual rim at a non-peak time, which will increase your chances of claiming a prize.

When the competition was held using physical cups, your chances of winning were essentially the same as everyone else, as it would depend on getting in line at the right time and being handed a winning cup.

However, this time, things were different, as Wallace told CBC News. Winning didn’t depend on the coffee cup you bought, but on when you chose to digitally unroll the rim.

Wallace worked out that if you unroll your entries at a non-peak time, such as 5 a.m., you’re much more likely to win, as there are fewer people playing at that time.

In addition, he found out that all prizes that were not claimed would roll over to the next day, and then the next day, and so on.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Wallace figured that Tim Hortons' sales were probably lower than usual, and therefore there was likely to be a considerable number of prizes that just kept getting rolled over.

"So on that last day of the competition, there would be a huge number of prizes available, giving yourself the best chance to win," he explained.

By the end of the competition, on April 21, Wallace had saved up 96 chances to win.

That day, he woke up at 5 a.m. to unroll his rims, and he ended up winning 94 prizes!

Given the pandemic, Wallace contacted Timmies to see if his prizes could be donated to health care workers in his area.

According to Wallace, the Canadian company was actually super nice about his RUTR mission, and while they were unable to transfer the prizes, they promised to make a donation to a local hospital on his behalf.

Tim Hortons has yet to confirm whether the physical contest will return next year, or whether they’ll stick with the new digital version.

Either way, there's nothing better than a Timmies freebie!

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