Yesterday was #JerseysforHumboldt day, which encouraged everyday people to wear sports jerseys as a way of showing support for the victims of the bus crash in Humboldt Sask. By every account the day was a great success, with people posting photos of them at work wearing jerseys and kids going off to school in jerseys of their own.

It was maybe the most Canadian way ever of showing support for the victims of a hockey team bus crash.

But one teen in Quebec wasn’t allowed to take part by his school, he was suspended for trying to show his support for the Humboldt community.  

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Philippe Volek, 14, from Sainte-Adèle, which is just north of Montreal, was sent home for wearing a soccer jersey to school yesterday.

His school doesn’t allow things like sports jerseys to be worn though and he was given the choice of changing into something approved by the school or being sent home.

He chose to be sent home.

"I wanted to stay loyal to my beliefs and I want to support [Jersey Day]," he said.  

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The school board defended the decision to send him home by saying that his jersey had nothing to do with the Humboldt Broncos because it was a soccer jersey.

Of course the whole point of #JerseysforHumboldt was to wear any sports jersey you owned, not specifically a Humboldt Broncos jersey or even a hockey jersey at all.  

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The school board says it will work with the school to find a way to honour the victims of the crash. 

Source: CBC

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