There have been a lot of wild lottery wins in Canada this year, from teenagers winning it on their very first try, to people winning it on their birthday while retiring the same day.

Those are great examples of some really lucky lottery wins. But, this one officially takes the cake. A Canadian man just won the lottery for the second time this year. 

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Melhig Melhig, (no, you aren’t reading that wrong, he has the same first and last name) is a man from Winnipeg who, just five months ago, won the lottery and claimed a 1.5 million-dollar prize.

The amount isn't nearly enough to retire on and quit working forever, but it’s a respectable win. Certainly more than any of us could ever dream of.

With his winnings, Melhig and his family moved out of the small apartment they were living in and into a house. 

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Melhig continued to play the lottery after winning the first time, something most would point out is not the smartest way to spend your winnings - seeing as you’ve already beaten the odds once.

But, Melhig managed to pull off the near-impossible and won the lottery a second time.

This time, he’s won even more than he did the first time. He’s walking away with a total of $2 million.

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This time, he plans to buy a business and go back to school as well.

Melhig Melhig, double name, double winner. 

Source: CTV

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