All of us have been the victim and perpetrators of road rage at some point in our lives. But some incidents are scarier than others. This past weekend, a terrifying argument ensued involving two women and a machete in a Costco parking lot in BC. A woman who pulled the machete has since been identified and is waiting to meet with police.

On the Sunday afternoon of March 28, 2019, police were called to a popular Costco to report to a scary road rage incident. According to RCMP, an argument took place at a Costco in Langford, British Columbia that stemmed from two women arguing over a parking spot near the tire shop.


According to a driver at the scene of the incident, one woman was trying to park at the Costco when another woman cut her off and took her parking stall. The women then began to argue over the space- both getting out of their vehicles. That is when one woman reached into her vehicle and pulled out a large weapon. According to local police, the woman pulled out a machete.  

In a statement issued by RCMP, police stated that the woman held the machete in a threatening manner. The other woman involved in the parking stall argument backed away and began to phone the police for help.

RCMP were able to quickly identify the suspect; however, were not able to find her. "We know who you are, you know who you are, please turn yourself in. We would like to provide you with an opportunity to tell us what happened," said Const. Nancy Saggar.

Following the incident, RCMP asked the woman to turn herself in. RCMP has told Narcity that shortly after a release was made public, the woman phoned and identified herself as the culprit. Police are now waiting to speak to the woman. No charges have been laid yet. 

RCMP are now using this opportunity to remind everyone to not engage during a road rage encounter. The best thing to do is to pull over and call 911 for assistance. 

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