Ontario officials are urging all residents to stay home if they are sick. One accident in Ontario showed exactly why this advice should be followed today. OPP reported that one driver ended up losing control of his truck after sneezing and coughing behind the wheel. The driver ended up crashing into a swamp near Kingston. 

According to the OPP, the accident happened northwest of Kingston on Wednesday, March 25, sometime before 12:30 p.m. 

Police reported that the driver lost control of his car after he started sneezing and coughing behind the wheel. 

No other vehicles appear to have been involved, and there were no injuries reported.

"Need another reason to #StayHome? Driver started to sneeze and cough before losing control of his truck and landing in a swamp n/w of Kingston today," the tweet says.

"No injuries.
#OPP officers ensured to maintain an appropriate distance during the incident. #COVID19"

While the OPP used the hashtag #COVID19, it is unclear what symptoms were shown by the driver and whether they are related to the pandemic currently sweeping the province. 

However, the police were careful to keep their distance with the driver while responding to the accident. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Ontario police have been working hard to keep the roads safe. 

While the roads are emptier than usual as residents choose to work from home and practice social distancing, police have been responding to a high number of stunt driving cases.

According to the TPS Traffic Services, Toronto Police charged 18 motorists with stunt driving; they were caught taking advantage of the quieter roads this weekend.  

"For some violations, such as stunt driving, the lighter traffic on the roads may be one factor leading to the higher-than-normal charges," Sgt. Jason Kraft told Narcity earlier this week. 


Earlier today, there was also an accident in the GTA involving a toddler who was struck and killed by a vehicle.

The toddler and his mother were walking behind a car when it backed up onto the 2-year-old boy.  

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