During Canada’s 43rd federal election, there has been one particular candidate that is catching the eyes of Canadians. If you thought you recognized Milton’s Liberal candidate, you’d be right! He’s an ex-Olympian, a professional kayaker, and now, Adam Van Koeverden's a Liberal MP.

If you were watching the election results come in tonight and noticed a face that seemed familiar, it was probably that of Adam Van Koeverden. Van Koeverden, who is now officially the MP for the Ontario riding of Milton, has been on Canadian screens plenty of times before and has represented the country in more ways than one.

Before Adam Van Koeverden made a move into politics, he was actually a four-time Olympic medalist, representing Canada from a kayak. Now 37-years-old, Van Koeverden has traded in his kayak for an office job, and he seems to be off to a good start.

However, despite Van Koeverden’s impressive and surprising win this evening, there was something else that Canadians were more interested in when Van Koeverden was on TV tonight - his super Canadian outfit. 

Throughout election night, and on many occasions during the election campaign, Adam Van Koeverden wore a jean jacket covered in traditional and unique badges and patches. While some Canadians were a big fan of his informal attire, others weren’t so sure.

One Twitter user wrote, “Adam van Koeverden is still wearing his bloody jean jacket on election night! How the hell did he win this stupid thing?"

Another joked, “Well, it looks like Adam Van Koeverden is going to need to invest in a couple of jackets not made of denim."

That said, it was also pretty popular with some election viewers. One person took to Twitter to say, “Adam van Koeverden winning his riding in a jean jacket is both rad as hell and Canadian as f**k!"

Another shared a similar opinion. “Newly elected MP Adam van Koeverden. He won a gold medal in kayaking and is currently wearing a jean jacket. He is officially the most Canadian person."

Van Koeverden has been repeatedly wearing his jean jacket throughout the election campaign. The jacket can be seen multiple times on his Instagram page, as he campaigned and canvassed for votes.

If it’s his lucky jacket, it seems to have worked!

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