Sneakerheads all over the nation went wild when the adidas Terry Fox runners dropped. But so many were instantly crushed when the shoes sold out in mere minutes. Just one day later, the iconic replica sneakers went to auction online for a ridiculous fee.

On May 12, adidas hit the markets with their limited-edition sneaks in honour of Canadian legend Terry Fox. The blue striped shoes were replicas of the ones Fox wore when he ran his Marathon of Hope 40 years ago.

The shoes went for $130 and were snatched up instantly. The company says they have plans to restock.

Even though some were upset they couldn't get their hands on them, it was all for a good cause — 100% of the proceeds went to the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research.

What likely didn't feel as good, however, was when the shoes started popping up on eBay a day later — some going for over 10 times the original price. A few had price tags in the thousands, with the most expensive around $1,500.

To put that in perspective, that's about the price of a round-trip flight from Vancouver to Japan — three times over. But who cares about seeing Mount Fuji in person when you can rock those neat sneaks, right?

While the wild reselling prices might sound ridiculous to non-sneaker fans, it's sadly pretty common to see shoes going for way more than they should online.

adidas was also selling a Terry Fox T-shirt with the man emblazoned in front and a map of his journey on the back. These are also being resold online for prices up to $100. The shirts originally went for $40.

Terry Fox was a Canadian icon who raised millions of dollars and brought the awareness of a nation to cancer research.

He's so beloved that, 40 years later, he's still a household name and his face was offered as an option on the new $5 bill.

His Marathon of Hope raised $23.4 million for cancer research, inspired millions more, and left a lasting legacy that any grade-schooler could attest to on the annual Terry Fox runs.

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