Animals have completely taken over social media and we aren’t even mad about it. One adventure hamster from B.C. has quiet the Instagram game and honestly, she’s living her best life. Nugget the hamster hasn’t been adventuring long but she is doing it better than anyone out there and she has the pictures to prove it.  

Nugget is a female hamster from Duncan, B.C. adopted by Masika Woods as a gift for her daughter. 

The family actually thought the hamster was a boy at first but later discovered that she was, in fact, a female. While she goes by Nugget she also answers to Nuggetta. 

Nugget's mom is a photographer and during COVID-19 quarantine, business was slow and she was spending time on social media when she saw a friend post pictures of her and her daughter crafting. 

One of the crafts was a tiny woven basket. That's when her daughter pointed out that it was just small enough for Nugget to fit in. 

“I commented that if she dropped the basket off at our house I’d take pictures of it with our hamster as I was no longer able to do photo sessions and was itching to create,” Woods told Narcity in an interview. 

And just like that, they broke the Internet with Nugget's first adorable adventure photo. 

The first photo is beyond cute and it shows tiny little Nugget sitting in the pink and blue basket. 

We honestly never knew a creature could be this photogenic. 

Woods and her daughter then began to think of more ideas for the miniature model. 

“My daughter makes the sets out of popsicle sticks or items she finds in her room, and I take the photos,” explained Woods.

“It has been a great project to do together while in self-isolation.”

Nugget doesn’t mind posing as she is always treated with respect and is rewarded with treats. 

But if the model doesn't want to do it, she won't. 

“When taking the photos for the baking scene we did try to put a little apron on her but she just kept scurrying away too fast. Hamsters are quick,” said Woods.

It often takes about half an hour to get the perfect shot but when it’s captured, it’s beyond worth it.

Each picture is perfect but the photographer's favourite one is the camping adventure since the entire scene was made by her daughter. 

But the cute pictures and creative set designs aren't finished.

The team hopes to one day release a children’s book about Nuggetta. They're are also working on four new adventure sets so stay tuned on their Instagram or Facebook.

From driving in cars to fishing in boats, Nugget has done it all and has made it look so easy. 

We literally can’t wait to see what other activities this little creature has planned next. 

If they're anything like the other adventures, you know it's going to be adorable, creative, and miniature. 

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