Just a week ago, an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed only minutes after takeoff, killing 158 people including 18 Canadians. Since then, Canada banned all Boeing 737 Max 8 or 9 planes forcing Canadian airlines to follow suit. Now, Air Canada is officially announcing that they will be grounding Boeing Max 8 airplanes until at least July 1, 2019. 

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As a result, some routes have been suspended as a result, including flights out of St. Johns, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver according to CBC News. Although, Air Canada should be substituting other aircrafts on the routes that normally use Max 8s.

Air Canada has decided to ground these airplanes in an effort to provide certainty for passengers that are booking flights in the coming months. This means that Canadians who need to travel won't have to worry about Air Canada using the banned planes in their upcoming travels. 

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In a statement, Air Canada executive vice-president Lucie Guillemette said, "The Boeing 737 Max accounted for 6% of Air Canada's total flying, but there is a domino effect from removing the 737s from our fleet that impacts the schedule and ultimately will impact some customers,"

Guillemette continued on to say that they will be revising Air Canada's schedules until July and that they'll be taking measures to continue serving customers as best as they can. 

There are some routes that are suspended temporarily. Specifically, flights from Halifax and St. Johns to London, Heathrow are suspended currently according to CTV News.

Air Canada has said that they wish to resume service as soon as possible.

Air Canada is not alone. Other airlines across the world have also grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8 planes. Shortly after Canada issued the ban, Donald Trump also followed suit in the United States.

Source: CBC News, CTV News

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