So you may have heard that the union that represents the flight attendants of Air Canada filed a human rights complaint against the airline on behalf of its members. The union alleges that the airline treats its attendants unfairly and gives them unequal treatment for the work that they do. 

And now some of the details of exactly how the airline treats its attendants and wants them to dress are coming out, and holy cow are they disgustingly gross.  

So what exactly is the union alleging against the famed Canadian airline? 

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Let's start with some of the ones you'd unfortunately probably expect to see here. 

Female attendants have been encouraged to show more cleavage or wear makeup on the job. 

These types of requests are all too common in industries such as flight attendants or servers at restaurants still, and sadly not totally unexpected to see.  

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However, there have been reports of some much more disturbing requests that have been asked of attendants as well. 

Things such as asking them to line up for a physical inspection where managers made comments about how they looked, or adding a section to an employee handbook that talked about what colour of underwear to wear, as well as tips on how to apply certain kinds of makeup.  

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There have apparently even been instances where managers asked attendants, both male and female, to walk down a makeshift catwalk and show-off for them in what the union says was "a sexualized fashion show."

The airline says that it has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination.   

If these allegations are true though, then it is deeply disturbing. 

Source: CBC

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