With winter upon us, many of us have been thinking about escaping Canada just for a little bit. If you have been wanting to go explore the amazing wonders and sites throughout Asia, now is the time to book your tickets to locations such as Bejing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.  Air Canada is celebrating the Lunar New Year today by offering discounted fare prices for flights to Asia for the entire day

The sale is only valid for Lunar New Year, which is on throughout February 5, 2019, so make sure to grab your tickets quickly before the sale ends. These tickets are only available for purchase on certain weeks and dates so make sure to visit the website for full information on flight departures. 

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If you are looking to travel to Beijing to be the ultimate tourist or to visit family, Air Canada is offering round trip flights from Toronto for $722. If you are traveling from Vancouver you can also pick up a round trip ticket to Beijing for $675.  

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Air Canada is also offering discounted pricing on round trips to Hong Kong as well. If you are departing from Toronto, you can snag a flight for $990. If you are departing from Vancouver the ticket gets even cheaper and you can get a round trip to Hong Kong for $710. 

Similarly, if you are looking for a trip to Taiwan, Air Canada is offering round trip tickets to Taipei for $858 if you are leaving from Toronto and $702 if you are departing from Vancouver. 

The length of stay differs between the tickets that are purchased. Yet for a majority of tickets, they can be used for a maximum stay of six months, and for most locations a minimum stay of five days. 

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For full deals be sure to visit the Air Canada website. 

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