This morning, passengers on an Air Canada flight got a scare that no one should ever go through. The plane was on the taxiway at Toronto's Pearson Airport preparing for takeoff to North Bay when the brakes went up in smoke. 

The plane, a Jazz Air regional aircraft, reportedly experienced a "seized left-gear brake." Frightened passengers were forced into an emergency evacuation as they watched the plane's tires become engulfed in smoke. 

Via Mario Bauregard

The on-flight crew "deplaned passengers on the taxiway as per standard operating procedure," Jazz Air said in a statement. The brakes on the propeller plane started malfunctioning while taxying out.

One passenger posted a video of the malfunctioning plane. "The breaks overheated or a tire burst on my @AirCanada flight," he wrote in the caption, "Evacuated on the runway. Not dramatic at all!"

Toronto Pearson Fire reportedly arrived on the scene as well, after the incident was reported as a "landing gear fire."

Passengers were reportedly transported back to the terminal and rebooked onto a later flight. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Jazz Air emphasized in their statement that "the safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority.”

The plane is now under thorough inspection by maintenance staff. Air Canada has yet to publicly address the incident, but we will provide updates as they come in.


Source: CP24

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