Passengers on an Air Canada flight yesterday faced a major delay when their plane was stuck at the Ottawa airport for around four hours. Not only were they set back, but passengers had to remain on the plane the entire time. 

While sitting in a grounded plane for a long amount of time is bad enough, the fact that Canada is in the middle of an intense heat wave made matters even worse as the temperature on the tarmac was well above 30°C. 

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The Air Canada flight was supposed to take off around 3 PM but due to weather and then a technical issue, the plane didn't end up leaving until 7:40 PM. 

Apparently, passengers were given the option to get off of the plane but were told if they did so they would not be allowed to get back on because re-checking everyone would be too much work. After receiving that information,  many passengers chose to stay on the plane, rather than give up on the flight completely.

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In hopes of getting some sort of answers, some passengers took to Twitter to share concerns about missed connections and reimbursement. One user @JosieSirna even shared her experience throughout the ordeal. 

Her tweets reflect the heat, frustration, and confusion she faced while trying to travel with her family of six. 

Air Canada is having a rough couple days, as another flight in Toronto was delayed today and passengers were forced to deplane due to brake issue on the plane.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

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