With Canada Day long weekend in full swing, you may be thinking about getting out to explore your nation a little more. Or maybe even head out to different locations around the world to spread your Canadian pride around the globe. If you're looking on flying anywhere in the next few months, you may want to purchase your tickets this weekend as Air Canada's Canada Day sale is on now. 

Air Canada has announced that they will be having a sale on airline tickets until July 2 for their Canada Day long weekend sale so Canadians can spread their pride all over the world. Throughout this massive Air Canada sale, they will be discounting tickets for over two hundred destinations across the globe. 

If the Canada Day festivities have made you want to explore more of our country and see what other provinces have to offer, you can get one-way tickets to a variety of locations for under $200. You can fly from Vancouver to Calgary for $119 or Edmonton to Winnipeg for only $84. 

Air Canada is also having a variety of deals on flights from Canada into the United States throughout this sale. So if you want to go explore our neighbours from the South, you can get a one-way ticket from Toronto to New York for $145 or fly from Vancouver to San Jose from $191. 

If you're looking to head a bit farther out and explore or tropical or European destination, Air Canada is also having a sale for some international travel. You can also fly from Toronto to Paris for $668 or from Ottawa to Montego Bay for $306. 

However, if you want to get ahold of these savings, you only have until the end of the weekend to do so, because the Canada Day sale ends on July 2. 

It's also important to note that while there are over two hundred locations that have tickets on sale, these deals are only applicable on select flights to these locations and do not apply to all flights.

This means that only flights on certain days are included in this sale. A majority of the flights that are included in this sale are departing between Septemeber and November 2019. 

For more information on dates of departures and sale prices, you can check out the Air Canada sales page here. 


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