On Saturday, October 5, a woman was awakened by a terrifying message from her husband. Debi Henderson was close to being the victim of a break-in early on that Saturday morning as an intruder tried to break into her front door holding a butcher’s knife. Debi’s husband John, had woken up early on Saturday to walk their dogs when he received a notification on his smartphone that someone was at the front door. This shocking Alberta butcher knife break-in attempt left her frozen in fear.

Debi was asleep in the house at the time and grabbed her phone to take a look at the video streaming in from the cameras outside her front door.

An unidentified man standing outside her door holding a butcher knife was attempting to open her front door. 

“I literally froze. I had no clue. You just sit there thinking. I can't believe this is happening. You're almost in shock as it's happening. I was born and raised in Lethbridge, I've been here most of my life”, said Debi in a phone interview with Narcity Media.

“And I've never felt unsafe in Lethbridge and really never thought this would ever happen… it’s a surreal experience,” she said. 

Debi and her husband John have now made the security systems in their house much stronger following their almost break-in experience. 

“We have a camera on our back door now,” said Debi. 

“We’ve also got new security lights so that as soon as somebody opens the back gate, those will come on…our yard basically lights up. So hopefully that would be enough to scare somebody away,” continued Debi. 

According to a report from the Lethbridge Police, there has been a significant increase in break and enters in the city. Even Alberta's east-coast cousin, Ontario, is facing an increase in break-ins. 

In 2019, from January to July, Lethbridge Police data shows that break-ins, for both residential and commercial, increased by 22 percent compared to the same period last year. 

Nearly half of the reported residential break-ins took place where the main point of entry was the main door. In 38 percent of the cases where intruders gained entry through the main door, it was because the main door was left unlocked.


The intruder was later caught by Lethbridge police. His name is Mitchell Shot Both Sides, and he was arrested for three counts of attempted breaking and entering multiple homes in the neighbourhood of Fairmont Road South. 

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