Not only is the COVID-19 curve flat in Alberta, but it's also actually on a downward trend. On Wednesday, May 20, as part of the Alberta COVID-19 update, the province confirmed only 19 new cases. On the same day, B.C. reported 21 new cases. 

For Alberta, this is the lowest number of daily cases that the province has confirmed since March. 

B.C. had its first case of COVID-19 far earlier than Alberta on January 28, 2020, whereas Alberta recorded its first case of COVID-19 on March 5, according to the Government of Alberta and the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control

However, as the months went on, Alberta surpassed B.C. in terms of the total number of cases.

Altogether, Alberta has confirmed 6,735 cases of COVID-19 to date, whereas B.C. has registered a total of 2,467. 

Both provinces have flattened the COVID-19 curve, but the latest data proves that the number isn't just levelling off; they are heading downwards. 

As a whole, things are looking up for in Western Cannada. According to the Government of B.C., "most regions have reported very few cases, deaths and hospitalizations in
recent days."

On top of that, the number of hospitalizations continues to decrease, whereas the number of patients in critical care due to COVID-19 has also remained stable for about a week. 

Alberta's numbers also look encouraging.  

The "hospitalization rates remain low with 58 people in hospital," according to the Government of Alberta

5,637 people that had been infected with the disease have now recovered, and the total number of active cases stands at 970. 

Both provinces have already implemented their relaunch plans.

Alberta allowed its restaurants and retailers to open their doors to the public again on May 14, whereas B.C. did the same on May 19. 

Alberta did make a last-minute decision to push back Calgary and Brooks's official relaunch date to May 25, as those two regions have most of the province's COVID-19 cases. 

Both provinces have been easing restrictions, but they've also made it clear that physical distancing is here to stay for a little while longer.

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