On Tuesday, December 15, Jason Kenney addressed the public in an Alberta COVID-19 update

After announcing the most recent numbers, he went on to inform the public about a new outreach program.

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Some areas of the province continue to experience very high rates of transmission. So, today we are announcing a new outreach campaign to help Albertans living in such highly-affected communities.

Jason Kenney

In regards to the numbers, the premier said that Alberta currently has 20,649 active cases, 1341 of which were reported in the past 24 hours. 

Kenney said that provincial officials have detected 11 particular communities in Alberta with the highest rates of COVID-19 transmission, nine of which are in Edmonton and two of which are in Calgary. 


  • Avvotsfield
  • Castle Downs
  • Eastwood
  • Jasper Place
  • Millwoods West
  • North East
  • Northgate
  • Woodcroft East
  • Woodcroft West


  • Lower Northeast
  • Upper Northeast

"Albertans in these particular communities are at higher risk of COVID-19," said Kenney, noting that residents in these areas "often have public-facing jobs" and live in "lower-income areas where people naturally live in higher-density housing arrangements." 

He said the province will be implementing COVID Care Teams to help these individuals understand health orders, get the support they need, and access the tools necessary for their health. 

"This is about having empathy and compassion for the very real barriers most of those folks face." 

Alberta's government will offer "care packages" with masks, sanitizer, and relevant information. They will also educate people on the financial benefits that they may qualify for. 

There will also be a "massive expansion of free self-isolation housing support." Individuals who can't self-isolate can isolate in hotels for 14 days "at taxpayer expense." 

In addition, the province will offer a temporary emergency payment of $625 to eligible people who have used the free isolation housing support. 

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