The spooky month is upon us and some of us just can't wait. However, seeing how this has been the year of COVID-19, you might be wondering if Halloween in Alberta is still on the agenda. Luckily for you, the Government of Alberta has told the public that Halloween is still very much on the agenda this year. 

"I have no plans to suggest that Albertans cancel Halloween this year. My own children would never forgive me," said Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor, at a press conference on Thursday, October 1. 

Dr. Hinshaw actually added that Halloween may be safer than many other holidays. "Most of Halloween’s activities take place outdoors and largely within one family."

Nevertheless, the Government of Alberta has released a Halloween Guide so you're not making any mistakes this year. Let the scaring begin. 

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How will Halloween parties work?

Dr. Hinshaw said in the press conference, "Please avoid hosting group get-togethers or Halloween parties."

While big parties are certainly not advised, there is a "Halloween Parties" section in the guide, so you know what to do if you decide to attend one. 

Gatherings should be kept small and you should socialize with the people you know. 

Host the parties outdoors, if the weather shows some mercy. It's Alberta so err on the side of caution. 

Sharing food, drinks, vapes, or cannabis is a huge no-no. As is playing games or activities that require you to break the two-metre rule. 

The province also wants you to opt for costumes that incorporate a face mask into the outfit. Do away with the witch getup and bring on Ghostface from Scream

What about handing out candy?

Honestly, who wants to turn away kids when they've come around to trick-or-treat in their most adorable costumes?

The guide says that you should wear a mask while giving out candy and if the weather holds, give it out in your front lawn or driveway. 

Ask the trick-or-treaters to not ring the doorbell; they should knock on your door instead. 

You're also advised to make candy bags and space them out on a table or blanket. "Don't leave out self-serve bowls of bulk candy."

Don't give them homemade sweets, either. 

Find creative, non-touch methods of distributing. "Build a candy slide, candy catapult," said the guide. We don't know what a candy catapult really is, but we want in. 

And what about trick-or-treating?

Whether you're going trick-or-treating as an adult (hey, we don't judge!) or you're accompanying a young sibling on this tradition, there are a few things you should know. 

Avoid touching surfaces like doorbells or hand railings. Disinfect packages before candy — so don't just eat it all within seconds of receiving it.  

Go trick-or-treating with your family or cohort only. Also, bring hand sanitizer along so you can constantly disinfect throughout the night. 

Don't go outside your community, either, said the guide.

And finally, regardless of whether you plan to attend gatherings, go trick-or-treating or hand out candy, don't do it if you're sick or feeling any COVID-19 symptoms. 

While Halloween is certainly not cancelled, things might be a little different this year when it comes to celebrating the horror season. Don't worry — a wealth of spooky experiences awaits you in Alberta. 

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