The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has just announced their age policy for stores selling marijuana, and it's even more strict than what's already imposed in liquor shops.

As of October 17th, the day that marijuana becomes legalized in Canada, minors under 18 years old will be banned from entering cannabis shops, even if they're accompanied by an adult. The minimum age to possess, purchase and use marijuana in Alberta is 18 years old. The age restriction is in line with Alberta's minimum age for purchasing alcohol and tobacco. 

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"There’ll be no minors with or without adults, the province has been firm on that,” AGLC's spokesperson announced. Meanwhile, minors are permitted in liquor stores in Alberta as long as they're with an adult. 

The goal of the age restriction is to "keep marijuana out of the hands of youths," AGLC's spokesperson told the Calgary Herald. In Calgary, smoking marijuana in public places will be illegal for citizens of any age.

Selling marijuana to anyone under the age of 18 will land you a hefty fine, upwards of $2,000. Minors will be fined $300 if they're caught purchasing, selling, possessing or consuming marijuana.

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According to Alberta's cannabis legislation framework, "setting a minimum age of 18 will help balance the health risks to youth with the need to eliminate their interaction with a sophisticated and potentially dangerous illicit market."

The AGLC will be closely monitoring online cannabis sales, to keep minors from sneaking around the province's age policy. Local police will be in charge of monitoring the cannabis stores.

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As with liquor stores, Canadians over 18 will have to present a government-issued piece of ID to purchase marijuana. Across the country, dried plants and oils will be the only legal cannabis products sold in stores within the first few months of legalization. Edibles won't be introduced into the legal retail market until sometime next year. 


Source: Calgary Herald



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